Welcome to the James Ford Ancestors website.

This site is constructed for those interested in researching the ancestry and history of James Ford, the youngest sibling of Samuel and Margaret Ford.

James Ford holding Robert Muir Ford or Mary Ford probably taken in Ballarat c. 1870

Samuel and Margaret raised ten children while living at Millport, Cumbrae, Scotland between 1816 and 1834.  This site is dedicated to following the history of James Ford, the youngest of the ten children.

James Ford was born on 27 December 1834.  He initially migrated to New Zealand where he married Elizabeth Muir in 1864 and raised two daughters.  He then sailed to Australia where a son was added to their family.  James lived in the Ballarat and Bendigo area until his death in 1914. 

There is, as it turns out, much to tell of James Ford.  As you will find out while navigating through the site, James lived at a pivotal time in history, not only in the history of Australia but of a wider significant history, that of Western Civilisation.

James Ford was no world-beater.  He was very ordinary.  Nothing extraordinary happened in his life.  That he was ordinary should not make his life any less of interest.  But it is often the case that ordinary people, unremarkable individuals, survive and contribute to society in ways often unknown.  What skills, what resources, what attributes did they possess to overcome the incredible odds they faced?  This website does not attempt to answer such audacious questions.  Rather, what you will find here is a personal record, across time and place, that might give you a little richer understanding of your own place in time and history.  If this website has achieved as much then it has achieved its objective.

This website will grow.  In order to accommodate that growth, the site has a number of pages organized depending on the thematic or topical content.   The website is therefore divided into a number of pages depending on whether the page is text-based or one that contains images, or photographs, or family trees.  As a result, the text pages are not unnecessarily cluttered with images and photographs, which might be more readily located on their dedicated pages.

Further, a search button is installed to save rummaging through the entire site looking for some elusive piece of information.

Visitors to this website might like to go to the Latest News page to see the latest additions to the site.

Be aware that this site is in its infancy.  There is much to upload to the site and all will appear in due course.

So please visit regularly and ask questions.  I will do my best to answer.  You will find contact information on the Contact page.

Copyright John Ford 2018

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